April Birthdays:


 1 Ariel Lynn Lockhart

    Pam McCombs

 2  Karen Young

 4  Kristina Berkey

 6  Amy Morrison

 7  Darleen Caulier

    Kimberly Rogers

 8  Kathy Zimmerman

 9  Chris Lunce

10  Terry Dwyer

12  Eric Steiner

13  Olin Brillhart

14  Pam Walentik

15  Joshua Graber

16  Karen Boester

    Alan Young                             

17  Anthony Frase

18  Jolina Boyer

    Joe Mack

19  Andrew Pittman

20  Mia Bryant

    Donna Curie

21  Dean Berkey

22  Becky Gebby

    Bob Hurley

24  Todd Samsa

    Ferne Zody

25  Shane Hartzler

    Richard Morrison

28  Alexis Thomas

29  Bill Curie

    Tyler Mack

    Judy Martin

    Jordan Thomas

30  Sarah Ballentine


A SPRING BIRTHDAY by Hilda Mullinger

The seasons are changing
The earth is coming alive
The sun is shining, the birds are singing
The plants and trees, they thrive

The sky has changed its color
From grey to palest blue
I guess that summer is coming soon
Warm weather we are due

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